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Robin Chase

Portrait de Robin Chase A graduate of Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Robin Chase founded Zipcar in 2000. Today, it is the leading car sharing firm in the world.

Advisor to the US Secretary of Trade and Transport, Robin is called on to speak at the world’s top universities for her expertise on the new economy, the sharing economy and excess capacity.
She frequently features in the press, and the New York Times, Newsweek and Fortune magazine have all carried stories on her phenomenal success, and her ability to create and manage a profitable company based on the notion of sharing resources.

In 2009, Time magazine included her in the top 100 Most Influential People. Now founder and CEO of Buzzcar, a car-share platform that brings together car owners and drivers, Robin Chase also sits on a number of national innovation and entrepreneurship committees.
The conference will be a great opportunity to hear more about her career, and her greatest successes and failures, as well as her views on the differences in corporate culture she has observed in France and the US. She will also speak about collaborative consumption, green business and excess capacity as a new source of innovation. Finally, she will talk about new ideas for start-ups and the most promising new business sectors.

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